Pre-Licensing & Coaching

EXIT Beacon Pointe Realty offers some great options for those planning to get started in Real Estate, AND for those agents who are looking to "take it up a notch".

Already in the business?

Then the Workman Success System is just what you need. The Workman programs offer coaching to agents whose production ranges from $20K/year to over $1M/year! Online, group-based, or one-on-one.

Interested in learning more? Then just head on over to our Workman Success Trial and sign-up (free) to get a sense of how we can help!

Looking for the Pre-Licensing Course?

We've got 2 GREAT options for you.

1 - Chamption Real Estate Academy offers and exceptional program, hosted by Luis Garcia - our very own Director of Agent Development. Luis's company, Champion Real Estate Academy, offers online classes that meet all of the state's requirements, getting you ready for your exam.

To learn more, visit the Chamption Real Estate Academy Website right now ...

2 - The CEShop, a national training company, offers online classes to get your ready for your MA Real Estate Salesperson's license - AND to get your Broker's license. The CEShop has been offering pre-licensing, continuing ed, Broker licensing, and more - for YEARS.

To learn more or to sign-up, visit The CEShop right now.